General Litigation

General Litigation

The term civil litigation commonly refers to all disputes that are formally dealt by the court. They can refer to any subject in which a dispute arises between two parties. The claimant claims damages/relief or injunction against the defendant for a civil wrong, but not a crime.

At SMK Solicitors we specialise in general litigation. Our team has been successful in obtaining thousands of pounds of judgement orders from the courts through our practical approach to resolving disputes as quickly as possible.

We provide friendly and honest advice, so if someone is bringing a claim against you, or threatening to do so, you should make an appointment to come and see us. You can be confident that we will discuss your problems and give you our truthful view about your chances of making or defending a claim and the likely costs.

We offer 15 Minutes FREE no obligation advice to all our clients. To book an appointment you can call, email or visit our office during 10:00am – 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.
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