Our Fees


We strive to set fees for our services that are both fair and balanced. Our aim is to provide clear and reasonable charges that reflect our professional skills, expertise, and experience.

Free Consultation

We provide a free of charge prebooked 15-minute initial consultation, either over the phone or at our office with our dedicated solicitors. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your needs and concerns with our team, allowing us to better understand your situation and provide you with appropriate advice.

Our charges

In most immigration cases, we offer Agreed Fixed Fees to ensure transparency in our pricing. This means that you will have a clear understanding of the charges from the beginning. We also understand that financial flexibility is important, and subject to our discretion, we can often offer payment plans for our fees wherever possible.

We operate as a privately funded practice and do not provide legal aid services. If your case is eligible for legal aid, you should contact a firm that offers publicly funded legal advice and representation.

Service Fee Range
Personal Immigration
Biometric residence permit replacement / transfer of conditions / no-time-limit £600 – £800
Visit visas £800 – £1,200
Family visas £1,200 – £1,600
Human rights visas (including private and family life) £1,400 – £2,400
Fee waivers £500 – £600
Work visas £800 – £1,500
EU Settlement Scheme £500 – £1,500
Permanent residence (settlement) £1,200 – £3,500
British nationality and registration £800 – £1,500
British passport applications (overseas) £700 – £1,000
Appeals £2,500 – £3,500
Detention £1,500 – £3,500
Bails £1,500 – £2,000
Deportation £2,000 – £4,000
Business Immigration
Sponsor Licence £1,500 – £4,000
Immigration Compliance and Audits £1,000 – £2,500
Immigration Civil Penalties £800 – £2,000


  1. The fees estimate provided above are for our legal services and do not include Value Added Tax (VAT) where applicable or disbursements such as court fees, Home Office fees, Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), interpreter/translation charges, or barrister’s fees for representation or advice. These disbursements are additional costs that are incurred on behalf of the client and may vary depending on the specific requirements of each case. Clients are responsible for paying these disbursements directly to the relevant authorities or service providers.
  2. VAT at the prevailing rate (20%) will be added to our fees where applicable.
  3. In immigration cases, there are various fees charged by the Home Office, as well as the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS). The Home Office fees include application fees, premium service fees, administrative review fees. The Immigration Health Surcharge is a mandatory fee that must be paid by most applicants in order to access the National Health Service (NHS) during their stay in the UK.
  4. For detailed information on the Home Office fees, please refer to the official Home Office fee guidance available on the Government’s website. www.gov.uk/government/publications/visa-regulations-revised-table
  5. To understand more about the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS), including the current rates and exemptions, please visit the Immigration Health Surcharge page. www.gov.uk/healthcare-immigration-application/how-much-pay
  6. Please consult with our legal team for an accurate estimate that takes into consideration both our fees and any applicable disbursements based on the specifics of your case. Our team will provide you with transparent information regarding all potential costs involved, allowing you to make informed decisions regarding your immigration matters.
  7. It is important to note that fees and disbursement amounts may be subject to change, and it is always recommended to consult with our legal professionals for the most up-to-date and accurate information.
  8. The fees mentioned above apply to a single applicant. If you have dependents or other family members applying at the same time, there will be additional costs.


Agreed Fixed Fee

If you’re initiating divorce or dissolution proceedings against your spouse or civil partner, it means that you are the applicant, and therefore responsible for completing and submitting the divorce application. Our fixed fee divorce service for applicants starts from £800 plus VAT, as long as both parties agree to the divorce / dissolution.

In addition to our fee, you will be required to pay the court fee which is currently £593. The court fee will need to be paid upfront. If you are on low income, you may be eligible for help with court fees. For more information, you can visit GOV.uk.

The fees highlighted above are typical costs involved in legally ending your marriage or civil partnership. There will be additional costs to deal with financial, asset, or child-related matters, which can vary depending on the circumstances. Once you’ve initiated divorce proceedings with us, we can discuss your options further.

Change of Name

We provide change of name deeds for adults and children under 16 (with the consent of all persons with parental responsibility) at a fixed cost of £150 plus VAT. This fixed cost includes 3 certified copies of the change of name deed. Please note that our cost does not include the procedure for enrolment of the change of name deed at the Royal Courts of Justice.