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Work visas for the UK are governed by the Points Based System (PBS) which applies to most of those seeking to enter or remain in the UK to study, work, or set up in business or self-employment.

At SMK Solicitors we have experience in all aspects of UK work related visas and have helped hundreds of clients in securing residence in the UK.

A few examples of the popular work visa categories available for individuals with different qualifications and circumstances include:

Skilled Worker Visa

We possess a wealth of experience in guiding businesses through the sponsorship process for skilled workers. We provide expert advice on the criteria for issuing a certificate of sponsorship to the worker, and we also assist the worker with the necessary steps for the skilled worker visa application.

Health and Care Worker

A specialised visa category in the UK designed for qualified health professionals and care workers. This visa aims to make it easier for individuals with job offers from the health and care sector to come and work in the UK. The visa provides a fast-tracked and less expensive route for these essential workers to enter and work in the UK, acknowledging their crucial contribution to the health and social care system.

Graduate Route Visa

International students who have completed their studies at a recognised educational institution in the UK may be eligible to apply for the Graduate Route visa. This visa allows graduates to work or establish a business in the UK following their studies.

Senior or Specialist Worker Visa

The Senior or Specialist Worker visa has superseded the intra-company transfer visa. This pathway enables senior managers and specialised personnel to be sponsored for brief assignments by a UK branch or a subsidiary of their employer’s company.

Minister of Religion and Religious Worker Visa

Individuals who have received a job offer as a minister of religion will need sponsorship from a religious / faith organisation. We offer guidance to both individuals and religious institutions on the sponsorship and visa application procedures.

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