Children and Family Law

We understand the emotional complexities that arise from divorce and separation, particularly when children are involved. Our primary focus is on prioritising the well-being of your children and assisting you in creating suitable and effective child arrangements.

Our team of experienced family law experts specialises in various aspects of children’s cases, including:

  • Child Arrangement Orders: We offer comprehensive guidance and representation in matters concerning the custody and arrangements for your children.
  • Prohibited Steps Orders: Our experts can assist you in obtaining orders that prevent certain actions or decisions in relation to your child.
  • Specific Issue Orders: If there are specific issues regarding your child that require legal resolution, we provide guidance and support to address them.

We understand

We know that finding the right child arrangements can be challenging during separation. Our goal is to help you achieve the outcome that focuses on the best interests of your children. In instances where reaching mutual agreements becomes difficult, our team can refer you to mediation services facilitated by impartial experts who can assist in finding common ground.

How can we help?

We can discuss your specific situation and requirements to ensure you are matched with the most suitable solicitor. We will then schedule an appointment for you to speak with them, whether in person at our office or via phone, based on your convenience.

We are committed to providing tailored advice and guidance that cater to your unique circumstances. Our transparent pricing structure ensures that you are fully informed about costs and payment options. While we do not offer Legal Aid for our children’s law services, we strive to make our services accessible through fixed fees and flexible payment plans.

Contact us now to get started on your personalised journey with our dedicated team of family law experts.


What is a Child Arrangement Order? A Child Arrangement Order means an order of the court


What is a Specific Issues Order? A Specific Issue Order is used to determine a specific


What is a Prohibited Steps Order? A prohibited steps order prevents a parent from taking certain


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