Sajid M. Khan

Personal Information

  • Position: Managing Partner
  • Education: MA (International Relations), LLB, LLM
  • Expertise:
  • Personal Immigration
  • Business Immigration
  • Family (Divorce)
  • Family (Children)
  • Admitted to the Roll of Solicitors 2008
  • Membership:
  • Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association

Sajid M. Khan is a highly skilled and accomplished legal professional with extensive experience in the field of law. As the founder of SMK Solicitors in 2008, he has been responsible for the firm’s day-to-day management, overseeing its growth and success. Mr. Khan is fully qualified and authorised to practice as a supervisor solicitor in England & Wales, ensuring the highest standards of legal practice and client representation.

Prior to establishing SMK Solicitors, Mr. Khan held a prominent position as a partner at a reputable law firm in London, where he exclusively supervised the branch offices in Manchester. His time in this role honed his leadership abilities and sharpened his legal expertise, preparing him to navigate complex legal matters with confidence and efficiency.

Mr. Khan is widely recognised for his quick thinking, pragmatic approach, and exceptional problem-solving skills. His ability to swiftly analyse and resolve legal issues has garnered him a strong reputation in the legal community. He frequently appears before the First-tier Tribunal and Upper Tribunal of the Immigration & Asylum Chamber, where he showcases his exemplary advocacy and negotiation skills. Mr. Khan is dedicated to achieving favourable outcomes for his clients.

In addition to his legal practice, Mr. Khan actively participates in community engagement initiatives and serves as an advocate for human rights. His commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the courtroom, as he strives to promote access to justice and ensure the protection of fundamental rights within the local community.

Notable cases:

  1. Muhandiramge (section S-LTR.1.7) [2015] UKUT 00675 (IAC):

    Mr. Khan appeared in the Upper Tribunal, representing a client in a case involving the suitability requirements of Appendix FM, Immigration Rules. The case was heard by a panel consisting of The Hon. Mr. Justice McCloskey (then President) and Upper Tribunal Judge Bruce and is widely reported as legal authority.

  2. P v. SSHD 2015 (Upper Tribunal, IAC):

    Successfully representing a client in an appeal concerning the exercise of the Secretary of State’s discretion in long residence (10-year) private life, Immigration Rules.

  3. RM, v. SSHD 2015 (Upper Tribunal, IAC):

    Mr. Khan successfully represented a client against the Secretary of State’s refusal of a residence card as the family member of an EEA national, applying the provisions of the Immigration (EEA) Regulations 2006, specifically Regulation 2.

  4. CH & Ors v. SSHD 2015 (First-tier Tribunal, IAC):

    Demonstrating his expertise in family and private life cases, Mr. Khan successfully represented a family in a conjoined Article 8 appeal, challenging the reasonableness of expecting the children to leave the UK. The case later proceeded to the Court of Appeal.

  5. GS v. SSHD 2016 (First-tier Tribunal, IAC):

    Mr. Khan achieved success in a human rights appeal, representing a client against the Secretary of State’s curtailment decision involving ETS (TOEIC).

  6. MK & Ors v. SSHD 2017 (Upper Tribunal, IAC):

    In the Upper Tribunal, Mr. Khan skilfully secured a decision regarding the best interests of children in the UK, highlighting his commitment to safeguarding the welfare of vulnerable individuals.

Sajid M. Khan’s unwavering dedication to legal excellence, passion for community advocacy, and impressive track record of successful cases make him an exceptional legal advocate and a key asset at SMK Solicitors.

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